Every analysis comes with a screen cast (video) of Lorin reviewing your credit report. Lorin’s analysis is free. The report is not. Below discusses hot to obtain the report Lorin uses for his analysis and his program.
  • Below is a link to access Lorin’s secure form. It will link you to the reports. The same form will also allow you to securely send Lorin your login info.

What is a screen cast analysis?

This is a video of Lorin going through every item on your report. Accordingly, Lorin will explain what’s hurting your credit, what’s helping, what you can do to improve and how Lorin’s program can help.

Why does Lorin prefer a specific credit report provider?

There are hundreds of places to get credit reports. All providers use different interfaces, terminology and even different scoring models. Lorin is more efficient when he views all data & scores using the same source.

What if I don’t want credit repair? I only want an analysis?

Lorin is happy to help.

Lorin’s video analysis