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  1. My experience with Lorin was better than I ever expected. He is honest and professional and never failed to follow-up with a call each month. He not only dramatically improved my credit but helped me understand how important it is to monitor my credit. A fantastic experience! Thanks Lorin!

  2. I’m more than satisfied with Lorin and his services that he provides to get your credit on track. He’s very knowledgable, persistent, hard working, and always putting his clients first. If there are any questions or concerns he’s always very quick to respond, get it taken care of, anf answer any of your questions/concerns. His aggressive approach really works, and got my credit up about 100 points in 4 months. You definitely CANNOT beat his rates either! A good man, and I highly recommend if you’re reading this, and considering his program. Wish I knew of this program years ago!

  3. 5 stars –
    I had some strange problems with my credit and these guys were excellent help. I was given some free advice that also was great help. If you have credit problems, check these guys out. They aren’t after your money and do a half bunned job, you really get your money’s worth and satisfaction.

  4. Lorin has an excellent program. The price didn’t break the wallet, he is very quick to respond and most of all very knowledgeable. Overall I’d recommend him with 5 s. Everything was super convenient and very well worth every penny. Excellent program!!

  5. I came across Aggressive Credit Repair in March 2019. My husband and I were trying your buy our first home. When the lenders first ran our credit we were in the mid to high 500s. After about three months of dispute letters to each bureau most old debt was removed which bumped our scores to the mid 600s. Lorin made sure to keep in constant contact during the whole process. All in all it took us about 7 months from first contact to the closing on our new home. Our lender was so impressed by how quickly we were able to raise our scores. If you are seriously looking at raising your credit score and willing to do the work, Aggressive Credit Repair is definitely the way to go! You’ll wish you started sooner!

  6. I am very impressed with Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair. He did a great job fixing my credit. I had been through a divorce quite a few years ago which resulted with some negative items on my credit. Lorin was able to get all of those removed.
    During the process, which is easy to follow, Lorin always checked in and informed me on how things were moving along. I was always able to get ahold of him with any questions I had. Most of all he gets results!! I would HIGHLY recommend Aggressive Credit Repair! You won’t be disappointed.

  7. I got with him thru a friend to get my credit right in order to purchase a home now I’m just waiting on a closing date thank you for everything

  8. Wish we would have started sooner. He really will not take you on if you are not ready to follow his program. Do what he says and he everything will move quicker. He fights everything ever month, not just a few each month like some companies. The last month there were 6 items removed from my credit report. In the end good credit takes time and patience. He is a good teacher to get you on the right path, however it is your choice to learn and keep walking the path or get lost again.

  9. Reviews seem to good to be true, but they’re not!!! Lorin is upfront and honest about your particular credit situation. He does not sugar coat and give false hope or empty promises. I was cautiously optimistic, but after a little over 2 months of working with him I am blown away by the results! I regret not following through early on in the year when I first came across Lorin and his program. I even partially filled out the paperwork but never followed through and he was great to work with me and get completely signed up the second time I approached him. Very grateful and finally hopeful with my financial future.

  10. I have next to perfect credit thanks to Aggressive Credit Repair. Would recommend 10 out of 10. Thank you Lorin for helping me out of the hole I was in.

  11. Please do yourself a favor and remove all doubt about moving forward with Aggressive Credit Repair. If you want beyond exceptional customer service, knowledgeable credit repair agent; you have came to the right place. I reached out to Aggressive Credit Repair out of pure frustration from trying to repair my credit on my own. I received honest feedback and priceless information. Aggressive Credit Repair, LLC is the listed at the #1 credit repair company due to its integrity, customer service and knowledge.

    Thanks so much, I am confident that your feedback will help my situation.

  12. Awesome working with Lorin! Got my credit where it needs to be! Lorin pretty much did all the work for me and answered any questions I had about my credit..I’m am glad I found this business to handle my credit. Thanks Lorin!

  13. We were doing fine income & credit wise, however, my husband, a firefighter, had an incident at work that put him off for almost a year. Since this was a Worker’s Comp situation, he wasn’t allowed to pursue any job during this time. With 6 children, it didn’t take long to go through our savings and max out our credit cards. This was also the same time of the big mess in the housing market where everyone was looking for and being offered home loan modifications. We actually made several attempts to do this, which meant using precious funds to pay up front, only to have things not work out…in fact, one company even closed their doors and were gone. So frustrating. We contacted a lawyer who suggested we needed to get the attention of our mortgage company by declaring bankruptcy which we would later dismiss. It took doing this twice to finally get our home modified. When my husband finally returned to work, we swung for the fence and worked very hard to make arrangements with collectors, to catch up, and eventually pay off our past due debts. Sadly, even though we were able to pay off our debts, those 2 dismissed bankruptcies and all the dings to our credit report haunted us for a long time. We began trying to rebuild with a secured credit card, but it was going to be a long road.

    One day we happened upon a review for Aggressive Credit Repair. We were intrigued because he was Gephardt Approved . After talking with Lorin, he patiently answered questions and assured us that he could help. He is diligent to his word, and each month we would watch our credit score get better and better. He cheered right along with us when bad things would disappear from our credit report. The final icing on the cake was when each dismissed bankruptcy was no longer there. This is not an overnight fix, but he was worth every penny we spent. Thank you, Lorin!!!

  14. My credit story may or may not be the norm. I was once a thriving individual with a truly perfect credit score. I was excelling in my life and loving the life I’d been working hard for throughout my 20s- but life isn’t always easy, and in 2014 at the age of 30, I found myself facing cancer and an adult onset of muscular dystrophy. By 2016, 2 years into my fight, I had found keeping-up with non-stop medical bills (and student loans) to be an overwhelming adventure, causing my credit score to fall. But caring about ones credit score often takes a back burner when one is possibly dying.

    Fast forward to 2018, and I’m still alive, still fighting off matters of cancer, and finally ready to take back control over my credit. I was beyond humiliated that I had let things get so rocky (although my score was still in better shape than I’d imagined), and it took me a month to gain the courage to reach out to someone for help in repairing the damage. I was expecting to be shamed in the same way I was shaming myself.

    I am forever thankful that I came across Aggressive Credit Repair. Lorin is truly amazing! He treated me with respect and empathy, two things I was struggling to feel for myself in regards to the matter. There was no shame, just support. Fast forward now to mid 2019, and my credit is now in the “good zone” across all three reports. Lorin is truly amazing and I can’t thank him enough for his work, as well as for just being a downright good person. Thank you with all my heart! If I ever find myself in a credit repair funk again, Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair would be the first person/company I’d call.

  15. I can’t recommend Lorin’s services enough. He is thorough and very straight forward which I appreciated, not to mention extremely easy to talk to. He is an expert at tying up loose ends and is so great at consistently providing updates when needed. His work is super clean and speaks for itself.

  16. Lorin was so wonderful to work with!! I woukd recommend him to anyone who is looking to make a major purchase or just wanting to make sure your credit rating stays good, Lorin is your man!! He was always available when I needed him and always took out the time to answer all my questions. I will be purchasing a home soon because of his expertise. Thanks Lorin!

  17. I really enjoyed working with Lorin and felt he was a major asset to achieving our financial goals. We were able to quickly get our credit scores much higher thanks to Lorin! I would strongly recommend working with him if you need help fixing credit.

  18. Lorin was able to help fix my credit problems much faster than expected. He always responded promptly, and has been great to work with. I would recommend anyone with credit problems to go to him for help.

  19. Lorin was very professional and was able to fix some of the errors on my credit report within just a few weeks. Couldn’t be happier with his work. Highly recommend him to help with your credit needs.

  20. Great service, highly recommend this. Virtually no hassle and completely worth the money. My credit score changed drastically in a very short time.

  21. Lorin has once again helped remove items from my reports and been there for me all the way!

  22. Aggressive Credit repair has an amazing program!
    Lorin is a pleasure to work with and through his work and systems my credit score improved around 100 points.
    I was able to qualify for a mortgage and I owe that to Lorin.
    I would strongly recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their credit score in any way.
    Thanks so much!

  23. Lorin is awesome! He was able to help me get my credit score up by 250 points in 5 months. Excellent service!

  24. Lorin has been a life saver for us in regards to our credit! He was so great to work with, always responded almost instantly every time we sent an email. I would (and already have) refer him to anyone looking for help with their credit!! His help made it possible for us to get into a home by removing nearly every negative report from our credit.

  25. Lorin has provided me with outstanding service and the results have been stellar. Very professional, courteous and friendly. In fact, I consider him a friend. He’s gone above and beyond what I paid for. Highly recommend!

  26. Lorin is awesome!! He was able to help me with getting my credit score way up from where it was initially only 5 months ago. Thanks!

  27. These guys rock!!!!!! Got my credit score way up and didnt have to pay a lot tothe creditors i did have to pay. Thanks .

  28. Maintaining one’s credit can be a high wire act, because life happens. If you fall, Lorin is your safety net. Lorin provides impeccable service at a reasonable cost. My collaboration with him resulted in a shocking improvement of my credit score, and in a relatively short period of time. Lorin treats you like you’re his only client, frequently communicating via phone and email, always providing updates and new instructions. If you’re serious about restoring your good name financially, Aggressive Credit Repair should be atop your list.

  29. I’ve worked with Lorin for a couple years, now, and his service is by far the best you can get. The big name companies can’t even come close to giving the personalized service that Aggressive can. Don’t waste your money anywhere else. Just sign up, already!

  30. I really enjoy working with Lorin. He’s very professional and executes on his plan exactly as he describes. I won’t hesitate to recommend his services to others. Thanks again Lorin!

  31. Lorin was awesome! He helped us a lot and kept us updated on the details of our credit reports. We really enjoyed working with him!

  32. With so many credit repair ads out there, its difficult to know the honest from the dishonest. I chose Lorin based on his 5 star reviews and all the positive feedback. I am so glad that I went with Lorin. Having been in the program for a couple of years, I went from renting to buying my own home. His program works and you have to work with him to make it a success. I would recommend Lorin to anyone needing credit repair assistance.

  33. Lorin is awesome!! He is extreamly professional and knowledgeable. He helped me get my credit back into a positive state and correct some mistakes that were holding me back. He was always available to provide advice and guidance in friendly and nonjudgmental fashion. I truly appreciate his diligent work.

  34. Lorin absolutely saved my credit. I went from having a FICO score in the 500-600 range to high 700’s. He is an awesome guy and great to work with. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I recommend my friends and family to him and wouldn’t think of using anyone else for credit repair.

  35. I have worked with Lorin for a few years. He is dependable and his program has been very effective for me. I recommend his services for anyone needing credit repair assistance.

  36. It has been a pleasure to work with Lorin. He has found his calling helping people restore their credit. I worked with Lorin for a year and following his directions brought my credit score to the mid 600’s. I appreciate Lorin’s help and financial advice. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs help. Lorin, thank you so much for your help! I will miss working with you..

    Chas H.

  37. Lorin is a genius when it comes to credit repair. His process is simple and extremely effective. If you follow his system you will not be disappointed.

  38. Lorin is seriously amazing. He took my husbands credit score up about 200 points over the course of his program. He started with over 25 negative marks on his credit, and we are down to only 1-2. He was even able to remove a foreclosure! I would recommend him in a heartbeat! Our goal was to buy a house, and we just closed on our new home last month. You cannot go wrong. If you have any credit issues, Lorin is your guy!

  39. Lorin did an outstanding job helping me get rid of negative remarks on my credit. He is very upfront and honest from the beginning. He is amazing at keeping you in the loop of the progress and very patient when questions are asked. My goal was to fix my credit to be able to get approved for a home. At the time of hiring Lorin, I was in no place at all to even be considered for a home loan. I noticed an increase in my credit quickly. He told me what to do and what not to do to help him help me. With his help and knowledge, in less than 6 months, I was approved for my first mortgage. Something I thought would be way out of reach for a long time, way later than 6 months. I would not hire anybody else in the future and will recommend him to all my friends and family. Lorin, you are the man and I appreciate everything you did for me and my family.

  40. Had a great experience working with Lorin!! He has helped both me and my wife get our scores up drastically in just 8 months!! Will highly recommend him and his company to others!

  41. Lorin has been awesome! He has helped my husband and I so much! Will definitely recommend him to everyone!

  42. Aggressive has been great to work with. He has done allot for me over this short time frame, unfortunately I have to leave for now as I broke my leg. But I will be back soon to finish what we started. Thank you so much I will recommend you too anyone who needs help with there credit!!!! See you soon

  43. Lorin is the best at what he does hands down. Very patient and understanding. I had most negative items removed in the first few months. My credit score went up significantly! He is consistent and will definitely get the job done! His prices are so affordable that anyone can afford to repair their credit. I would definitely use his services again!!

  44. All negative accounts have been removed from all 3 reports. I don’t know how to express how profound that is, given the challenges I started with. Between bankruptcy filings and the most notoriously difficult creditors it took some time, but it’s all clean now!

  45. Working with Lorin on my credit has been a well-worth-it experience. He is by the book, and timely in his responses. Most importantly he has helped my fico gain significantly in points. I would highly recommend his service and counsel.

  46. Lorin is amazing to work with and a top notch professional. He has stellar communication skills, helpful advice, and will do what’s needed to get your credit back on the right track. I made a commitment to use Lorin until my credit was 100% clean and followed through on every action he needed from me. In the end, my credit score is excellent with a FICO in the 800 range which I didn’t think was possible when I first started on this path. If you want help with your credit, this is the person you want on your side. Thanks, Lorin!

  47. Lorin is the most professional ambassador for the credit repair industry. I started with a 590 in 2016 to a SPOTLESS report of 772.
    Everyone should take a lesson in this man\s approach to customer service. Dedicated and 1 on 1 updates and results.
    Make sure you listen, work and follow his program.

    Thank You Lorin


  48. Lorin is great. He helped us repair our credit so we could purchase our first home. He knows his stuff. Our credit scores started in the 500’s and now they are in the 700’s. And our credit reports are clean. He was easy to work with. Follow his plan and advice and he will be able to help you.

  49. Loren did exactly what he said he would do for me. He set out a realistic course of action which I diligently followed. My scores increased far more quickly than I could have imagined and even more so did my self respect. For me it was kind of like a ‘work out partner’ which kept me on track. I am very happy with the result and would recommend this program unequivocally.

  50. This is the second time I used Mr. Hanks. The first time he helped me get into a new home. This second time I used Lorin was amazing. I needed capital to start up a new business. With my credit as bad as it was, I thought it would take a long time. Lorin asked me to do everything he asked. I did and to my surprise, within just a few months he had my credit at a point where I could get the help I needed. Lorin is worth his weight in Gold . He has helped me so much.

    Thank you Lorin for all your help.

  51. When we went to Lorin our scores were in the low 500’s, now nearly 700 for each of us and our credit reports look so shiney you’d have to think we were nearly perfect in paying our bills. Not exactly, we have done a great amount better in the last 2 years, but Lorin was able to get rid of all sort of bad information that we ourselves could never have ever gotten taken care of.
    He knows his job and really cares about his clients. He takes a personal interest in seeing that you are successful with his program and it does take work. The results are truly in the numbers and there is no doubting that.
    Professional, impassioned and committed to integrity and achieving the best for his clients is what he does.

    If you need any help with your credit report, this is truly THE GUY to see. Thank you so much sir. It has been a pleasure and an honor to have been able to work with you.

  52. I was very skeptical when I started searching for credit repair services and when I saw that it was Gephardt approved, I gave it a shot. The price of the service is very affordable considering what I got out of it. Not only did Lorin do an excellent job and help me and my wife fix our credit so we could buy a home — but also, he spent time educating me in some of the little secrets of the credit industry. Lorin is the guy you want in your corner. He won’t sugar coat anything, he won’t beat around the bush. He is straight and to the point. His methodology is very easy to follow and I was impressed with how fast we got results. Thank you again to Lorin for helping us out!

  53. Hands down the best choice Ive ever made to change my credit history! The year 2008 destroyed me along with a lot of other people I know because the economy was so bad. I had no idea what to do or how to fix everything. I’m so glad I found Lorin online and called and got in the program I was in the program for a year and a half and now my credit is completely spotless! In the last year I bought my first house and everything is perfect don’t hesitate to call it’s so worth it!!!

  54. Lorin is the epitome of how business should be done. Straight forward, honest, and results oriented. It was an absolute pleasure working with Lorin and I would recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their credit score. He is also very easy to get in touch with and is on top of his game.

    Thanks Lorin

  55. Lorin is absolutely incredible at what he does and is so good to work with! He is very quick to answer calls/emails and he is so knowledgeable! He is very straightforward and that is very helpful in getting things done. My husband and I have been working with Lorin the last 6 months and both of our scores have gone up around 100 points AND we got some pretty nasty collection and judgement accounts deleted from our reports with Lorins help! I couldn’t be more thrilled and I will always recommend family and friends to Aggressive credit repair to work with Lorin!

  56. Thanks to Lorin, I was able to purchase my first home. When I started the program I was in the low 500’s. By the end I was in the mid 700’s. Just like many others, I was skeptical but I am glad I decided to give him a try. I have referred my family and friends to Agressive Credit Repair. I can’t thank him enough for working hard on my credit. You will not be disappointed!

  57. Lorin is AMAZING!!! I can’t speak highly enough about his work! I have been a customer for a little less than a year and my credit score has increased over a 100 points! He is always available for questions/concerns and replies FAST!!!! I was sceptical at first because I’m in a completely different state, so giving your personal info is always scary. But Lorin is an honest man and I’ve never had any issues with his work! He’s very professional and agressive with fixing your credit!

  58. Lorin was truly aggressive with my credit repair! He was very professional and knowledgeable. He had specific strategies to each of my account. I would give him 5 stars and will always recommend him to anyone. He knows his stuff, he is on top of it and he gets results.

  59. Lorin was very attentive and was always very timely and knowledgeable in his responses. I am someone who was not very credit savvy and he has turned my credit around for me. He is very easy to work with and will address any concerns you have in full. I would recommend him to any one who asks about credit, HANDS DOWN!

  60. Lorin was amazing to work with he had my credit good enough to buy a house in less than 6 months. We had expected at least a year or more but he got it done in a few months. He is very easy to work with always answers phone calls and emails absolutely recommend him to anyone

  61. Was definitely worth it. We used Lorin’s services for over a year, started from a low 580 score to over 650. We were able to get our credit sorted out, accounts corrected, and some negative accounts knocked off our reports. This all helped us get our credit in line to purchase our first home.

  62. Lorin is Amazing. He is very responsive and detail oriented. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to work on rebuilding their credit.

  63. Thank you to Lorin. I closed on my house last week after 8 months in the program. Even though I kept forgetting/ were unable to send the letters from the credit bureaus he forged ahead and kept working. I could nt have achieved this dream without him.

  64. I am very impressed with Lorin and his ability to improve credit scores. He is very professional and knowledgeable about the whole process and I learned quite a bit working with him. I would highly recommend him and this service to anyone who is looking to improve their credit score. The process takes time, but is well worth it. Thank You Lorin!

  65. I came across Aggressive Credit Repair in Feb 2017. My husband and I were trying your buy a home. My credit was wrecked due to a divorce. Lorin disputed everything on my credit report and within the first 30 days my credit had improved synificantly and my husband and I were able to qualify for a home. I continued to work with Lorin as month after month he disputed stuff. I even had one account that refused to come off my report. Lorin put me in touch with a law firm and they are now fighting that account at no charge. Thanks to Lorin we were able to get our house. I would highly recommend Aggressive. It has only taken 7 months of service.

  66. Lorin is awesome. He knows his stuff and “aggressive” is definitely spot on. He goes to bat for you relentlessly. Highly recommended.

  67. I am so happy my search led me to Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair. He did everything he said he would do. Well worth every penny.
    I have and will continue to recommend him!! He is very professional. Very easy to work with. Always available. Great price for a great service. Life is better now.


  68. To say I am impressed is an understatement!! Starting out I had 18 negative accounts on my credit report and at least half of them had balances. A year and a half later I have 4 negative accounts with no balances and he is still working hard to get those off as well. My credit report has never looked this polished and my score has never been this high. Eternally grateful for Lorin’s hard work. As a single mom of 2 this has been affordable and has not required a lot of my time. Thank you again Lorin!

  69. Aggressive Credit Repair is the only “Gephardt Approved”credit repair company around! I’ve had nothing but success referring my clients!

    Casie Draper
    Associate Broker

  70. Lorin was very helpful. My credit score went from the 600 range to the 700 range in about eight months. He was able to delete a lot of ancient history on my report that was doing me no good. Thanks Lorin.

  71. My husband and I took a hard hit to our credit score after the recession. Accordingly, our credit score suffered greatly. An acquaintance told us about Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair. In researching this company, I admit to being a little turned off by the Gephardt seal of approval. I’ve been disappointed before by Gephardt’s referrals. But, we really needed help to get our credit score back in shape. We were paying higher interest rates and we were being turned down for anything resembling a loan. That had never happened before. It was devastating and, frankly, it was embarrassing. Lorin took us on about 2 1/2 years ago and I can say that the investment of time and money paid off far more than we ever expected! A lot of well meaning friends told us to find an agency that guaranteed a positive outcome, was “free” or was connected to a bank or credit union. Looking back, I wouldn’t have sought help from ANYONE else! Lorin knows what he’s doing and he knows it well! This is a relationship that requires a commitment from the client but it’s very minimal – Lorin does all of the heavy lifting. After 2 1/2 years, Lorin is putting the finishing touches on our account. Not only is our credit score back to the way it was, it’s better! I would have never imagined that! I will enthusiastically recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone for as long as Lorin stays in business. This time, Gephardt got it right!

  72. This program worked great for me, and I was able to improve my credit score. Lorin answered all of my emails and questions in a timely manner. The fees were very affordable, and even when I fell on hard times Lorin helped me so that I was able to stick with the program. I would definitely recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone!

  73. The service and follow-up was awesome! My credit turned for a drastic change the day I signed up for Aggressive Credit Repair; I was able to fix my credit and have that financial freedom! I will recommend you to anyone who is looking to fix their credit.

  74. Lorin
    I appreciate your work, your time and effort in improving my credit.

    I am so glad that my sister referred me to you!

  75. Lorin helped me tremendously. My credit score improved drastically, he helped me understand what was hurting and helping my score, and he had anything negative removed.
    So glad to have found this gem- he makes it very easy to work with him too.

  76. Lorin helped me see improvements to my credit report within the first month of starting his program! I was extremely impressed with his personal demeanor, and willingness to help me achieve the goal of increasing my credit score. I would definitely recommend his program to anyone seeking credit repair.

  77. He will do an excellent job for you. Very diligent and caring. Follows up on all details and your numbers will go up.

  78. Excellent person to work with. He does the BEST JOB for you.

    Lorin has helped me achieve the goals we have set. I would recommend him and his company to anyone that is in need of this type of service.


  79. I benefited from lorin’s service, he managed to dispute and eliminate orphan entries in my credit report which improved my score.


  80. Tell you what
    What a great guy to work with he will go to bat for you and always answers question in a timely fashion aggressive credit repair is good but the person working for you is what makes the company what it is
    Thank you Lorin many thanks I still owe you a bottle of don for what you have done for my family your a great man


  81. It’s nice to actually be able to pick up the phone and speak directly with the individual who is working on your file. Very personable and works hard to improve your credit.

  82. Working with Lorin was a great experience. He really cleaned up our credit in a short amount of time. Lorin is very helpful and he understands the business and what it takes to raise your score.

  83. Lorin’s amazing. He’s very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I learned a lot from him and he has helped my credit so much! The education he provided me will stay with me for life and I’m truly grateful. I highly, highly recommend his services.

  84. Working with Lorin was great. He did great things for our credit and our score is now really high!
    Couldn’t be happier with the results. Well worth it!!

  85. Me and my husband wanted to buy a home but our credit was suffering due to previous situations. I researched credit repair companies on Gephardt Approved and Lorin Hanks Aggressive Credit Repair came up. When I called, I dealt directly with Lorin and he was very responsive and understanding to our needs. We had a goal to buy a home in a year and Lorin helped us reach our goal. His knowledge is vast and he knows all the rules and he is relentless with the credit bureau’s. Thanks Lorin for helping us get into our new home!

  86. I searched for Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair when I was looking to improve my credit scores but before he took me as a client he wanted to make sure he could help me. After assessing my reports he told me there was little he could do to help and gave me directions and tips on how to achieve my goals. He could’ve asked me to sign up taken my money and I wouldn’t see any real results. His honesty and straightforwardness made me a client even though I will not be helped at this time. I am already looking forward to the time when I will make use of his mortgage lending services to help me out.

  87. Lorin was a fantastic help. Over a three year period, I followed his recommendations and paid off bad debt from the recession. I was able to take a 580 credit score and raise it just over 800. Lorin is easy to communicate with and plan on talking to him at least once a month. I highly recommend his program.

  88. Lorin was awesome to work with. Any questions I had he was always willing to answer them. I also loved how my score changed while in his program. I saw a huge increase in that score. Lorin is easy to work with and is always ready to help out. He is very thorough in his work he completes and explains what is going on and how to keep your score high and how to improve it. Thank you so much.

  89. Lorin was good to work with and he did a fantastic job. He keeps in touch with a phone call to let you know where he is at and what is going on. He keeps at it until there are results. Our credit is higher than we imagined, well worth signing up with Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair.

  90. Working with Lorin Hanks in improving my credit score has been a wonderful experience. Lorin was constantly updating me on what was going on and my credit score soared to 800 in less than 5 weeks!!! This guy is trustworthy. I highly recommend him.

  91. Lorin is amazing. He took our credit score from a 545 to a 750 in about 7 months. I would highly recommend.

  92. He was able to do the things I couldn’t do. We were able to purchase our first home!! Worth every penny we spent. Thanks Lorin!!

  93. Lorin did a fantastic job, worth every penny! The best thing for me was the constant communication. Thanks!

  94. I was very happy with the services I received, super awesome! And I was able to purchase my home!

  95. I was very happy with your services, I feel that you have done an awesome job of helping to improve my credit score, you were able to explain things clearly to help me understand each step of the process, I was impressed with your dedication and work ethic, the type that you don’t really see all that often

  96. My wife and I both had credit issues. With the help of Aggressive Credit Repair we were able to clear up all of the issues on both of our credit. Lorin is always a pleasure to work with and we could not have asked for better results. I would recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone.

  97. Was extremely pleased with the program. I would recommend and have recommended this program to anyone with a sub par credit score.

  98. Lorin provides a great service! My husband and I were very pleased with our results and will definitely recommend him to others.

  99. Lorin Hanks is amazing to work with! My credit rating went through the roof after he diligently worked to repair the negative things on there. I highly recommend his service!! Thank you Lorin!!!

  100. Lorin is absolutely the most honest credit repair service available. He reviews your credit report and gives you your options before he starts the process. He does not take a dime of your money until you know what you are getting yourself into. My husband and I debt was far to high to go through with the service but Lorin took the time to explain what other options we had available which we will first then we will definitely be dealing with him about 2 years or less. He consulted with us for about 20 minutes over the phone and never charged us. Impeccable service and attention to detail, infallible knowledge and overall great experience. Thank you for your honesty. Good people like you are hard to find now a days.

  101. Lorin is truly the best in this field! Everyone runs into businesses that file negative reports that are often incorrect or not up to date. Lorin has been very thorough in correcting issues that have irritated me for years and gave me back a glowing credit report that I rightfully earned. I would recommend him to anyone seeking credit repair or challenging errors on their reports that continue to affect everything they do in business.

  102. Lorin’s services have been instrumental in helping me repair my credit, I could not have done it without him. I was referred by a friend who used him with alot of success. I have to say that I feel the same. I will refer him to any friend who tells me they have a hiccup on their credit. If in the future I have issues I will call on Lorin again. It has been a pleasure working with him.

  103. I was referred to aggressive credit repair by a friend and co-worker who was using Lorin’s service and was impressed with his honesty and work ethics. To be honest myself, it took me some time to make up my mind, considering all the negative things being said over the internet about this industry. I have used Lorin’s service for less than a year but I have to say that I am impressed with the effect of his work on my credit score, and even more so with the way Lorin has opened my eyes on the all important nature of credit worthiness in every single one of us’s life. Also, Lorin was a pleasure to work with and replied in a quick manner (even on Sundays!!!), which is always extremely important. It has come to a point where all I need to do going forward is to rebuild and strengthen my credit by avoiding falling back to these past errors and paying my bills, all my bills, on time!… I am not done with Lorin however and, when the time comes for it, he is the one I will turn to for assistance with the home buying process. In the meantime, I will gladly refer to Lorin anyone I know that is struggling with bad credit because I know they will not be let down .Thank you, Lorin, for your hard work and dedication!

  104. Lorin was great. He taught me how to use my credit to make it better. He stayed on top of everything I needed to do and would call and give reviews on what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. He is dedicated to do the job you need him to do. I would recommend him.

  105. I can’t say enough about how amazing it was to work with Lorin from Aggressive Credit Repair! Through our work together I was finally able to refinance my home at an amazing rate, do the same with my car loan and obtain my first credit card with a 10k limit. My credit is now an asset and it’s all thanks to our work! Thank you, Lorin!

  106. Aggressive Credit repair was a fantastic program and helped out in a much needed time in my life. We had some issues on my credit that was pulling me down and was making it hard to purchase a home. They were able to contact Credit and resolve the issues and improved my credit to over a 750. Great experience and would recommend to anyone. Thanks again for all your help.

  107. Lorin did a great job for me and my wife! We started with him 8 months or so, and he helped raise my credit about 60 points in that time. Thanks to his help, we are now able to qualify for our first house! Thank you for your help and service Lorin! I will definitely recommend you to family and friends, and if needs be, use your services again!

  108. I have been with Lorin for years due to my extreme need for Credit Repair help. He has been so great in helping me remove a plethora of creditors from my credit report. Im super appreciative to him in helping me achieve the credit score & report Ive wanted for years now. Thank you Aggressive Credit Repair!

  109. Lorin was very competent, thorough and knowledgeable; he knows how to get the job done. His regular monthly calls kept me informed about our progress and results. I was very impressed and would highly recommend his services.

  110. Lorin Hanks will work with you to improve your credit he has help me not once but twice my credit rating has improved since I have been dealing with Mr Hanks
    I strongly recommend him you can trust him with your personal information he only have your best interest at heart I was able to refinance due to Lorin expertise

  111. Thank You so much Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair!! I never thought my credit would look so good so fast. In the last few months I have been able to purchase a new home and two new vehicles and am in the process of purchasing a winter home in Southern Utah. It;s all because of your company. Your help and diligence has paid off greatly. I will recommend your services to all who need help regaining their good standing of their credit. Thank you, your company is the best!!

  112. Couldn’t have got my house without him. Lorin is the man! I would recommend his services to anyone. He got thousands of dollars in medical debt written off. Thanks Lorin!

  113. My credit scores are as follows. 750 Equifax, 714 Transunion, and 733 Experian. These are real FICO scores and not credit karma or other services like them. I believe when I started with Lorin, my scores were in the low 600’s, but Lorin was dedicated to helping me, often reminding me to send him my letters. I am very busy and without Lorin reminding me almost every month with emails and phone calls. I would not have had the success we had.

    Thank you Lorin for all your hard and diligent work. I will recommend you to anyone with complete confidence.


  114. Great job! our credit score increased dramatically during the process. Thank you so much for the hard work!

  115. My credit score was bad, and when I say bad, I really mean it. I couldn’t get any credit for years. Looking on the Internet, I found Lorin and, after reading all the good reviews, I decided to give it a try. That was the best decision I could have ever made. Following his advices and with his very profesional work, one by one of my negative accounts started to disappear from my credit reports, and my credit score increased to a level which allowed me to buy a new car and get a credit card with low interest rates. I couldn’t be happier.

    Thank you, Lorin!

  116. I have been so pleased working with Aggressive Credit Repair. Lorin has been awesome to work with, he is always on top of things and responds quickly.He has totally cleaned up my credit report. I highly recomend this service to anyone. Shari

  117. This was the best investment in my future I could of made. I had tried to fix my credit myself for years with no luck. Within two months of working
    with Lorin my credit jumped 100 points! I went from 550 to 740 while working with him. Lorin did in a few months what I had tried to do for years.
    I was hesitant at first, but my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. He communicates immediately so you always know what is going on, or what to expect.
    Well worth the money, which was more then reasonable.

    Thank you so much Lorin!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Aggressive Repair did wonder for me in a short 6 months, I was able to but a home, and a new car. Thanks Lorin for all your hard work.

  119. I am very pleased with the results i got from working with Lorin on reestablishing my credit. I was a little hesitant about working with someone over the phone and 10 states away but i took a chance and glad i did. I now have a credit card,a new car and am working on a house now. I would recommend this program for anyone looking to rebuild there credit or just build some credit and i have. Aggressive Credit Repair is a very professional and reliable program.


  120. I began with Lorin a bit over a year ago. My scores were in the low 500’s, I couldn’t buy a car, get a personal loan or credit card, and buying a house wasn’t even on the map. Today, my average score is about 718 – I just bought a brand new truck, and I’m in the works to buy a house.

    I was EXTREMELY skeptical about using a credit repair service, mostly because I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t have money to blow on something that wasn’t going to work. I decided to give Lorin a try because of the way he lays out the steps of the process, and due to the large amount of positive reviews. I’m absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to have come full circle, and post my own review today.

    Lorin is an absolute professional. He returns phone calls and emails almost immediately, he knows what he’s doing and will take the time to explain anything you ask of him, and he has been nothing but honest and upfront about everything since day one. I think Lorin understands the very serious stress of the credit issues we bring to him, and he responds in kind with absolutely relentless professionalism, sincerity and hard work.

    I will recommend ACS and Lorin to anyone you put in front of me.My only regret is not starting sooner. Thank you Lorin, I couldn’t be happier!

  121. I have used Lorin’s services twice now! Lorin has done wonders for mine and my husband’s credit! He has been able to remove things on our credit that seemed almost near impossible, and our credit scores are where we need to be to get into a second mortgage. Thanks Lorin!

  122. Lorin is relentless. He is like a dog with a bone in his mouth. He will not quit. AND, he get the job done! Great to work with, honest, and persistent. If you want your credit repaired, don’t waste a second. Call Lorin Hanks and he’ll get it done.

  123. I was very impressed with how fast some issues were resolved thanks to Lorin.

  124. Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair viewed my credit and was in disbelief at first but after further review he said he could fix my credit with no problem. Lorin was very professional and to the point. He told me what and what not to do. I’ve never had anyone to help me so much that i have never seen. Lorin communication level was perfection. He takes his company/job seriously. I was directed to ACR by a coworker. Lorin i want to thank you for all your dedication and success to helping me restore my credit.I would recommend your company to my family,friends, coworkers and strangers. May God Bless you, your family and company in every way needed. Thanks Lorin for all you’ve done for me.

  125. Lorin is absolutely amazing to work with and we would and have recommended him. Thanks to Lorin, my husband and I have been able to prequalify for a home loan and we will be closing in 4-6 weeks. Our credit scores are much higher than they were and continue to rise with all the guidance he gives and work he put in. We would not be where we are today without him. Anytime we had a question all we had to do was call or message him and we always heard from him the same day.
    If you experiencing difficulties with you credit scores and need help, he is definitely the person to call. If you are not serious about improving your credit scores this may not be for you but for everyone else we highly recommend Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair. Thank you Lorin for everything!!!

  126. My wife and I found Lorin Hanks to be a hard working, true professional who gets results for his clients. He understands how reporting agencies work better than anyone we’d talked to. Most importantly, he helped us raise our credit score substantially.

  127. Lorin is a rockstar! Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible to clean up the mess I had made with my credit report; he took on the challenge and nailed it! My FICO score up by 200 and no more negative acounts! Thank you so much! !

  128. i want to thanks Lorin for his hard work with my credit he did a great job……….

  129. Lorin was terrific! He disputed several inaccurate items on my credit files and all were removed. A Job Well Done! Thank You Lorin!

  130. Lorin was great to work with. He is professional, and communicates exactly how to reach expected results. He truly knows how to repair credit. I would recommend ACR to anyone looking for results. The time and money invested with ACR was worth it. Thanks for all you have done for our family Lorin!!

  131. What makes ACS so great is LORIN!! I can’t say enough about his service! My phone calls were answered personally and promptly – no waiting for hours (or days!) for a reply. He answered all my questions and helped me gain a clear understanding of the credit labyrinth and also gave me advice on how I could take an active role in the repair. The online tools he offers are easy to use and available 24/7 so I could send documents quickly and easily. Thanks so much, Lorin. It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you continued success with your business. Rest assured, I will most definitely be referring my friends to you!

  132. Aggressive Credit Repair is the best! I went through a horrible divorce that trashed my credit. Someone told me about Lorin, I called and in no time, he was able to fix my credit, so I could buy my dream home! Thanks Lorin! You’re the best!

  133. Thank You AGGRESSIVE! Lorin was AMAZING. He did what we couldn’t do, cleared all of the negative and false issues off of our credit. Everyone should pull their credit at least once a year. We had collection accounts that were not ours, paid accounts that didn’t show paid, etc. We went online and disputed, sent letters, contacted the companies…no results. I do not know if everyone realizes that ANY company can put a negative report on your credit without proof or documentation BUT you must PROVE that it is not yours. Lorin, was able to correct all of the false information and even clear off some legitimate negatives that were old. My husbands credit report jumped almost 200 points in less than 6 months, mine increased over 150. We purchased our home at $560K with just 3% down at a 30 year fixed of 3.375% with no PMI, SO… If you have tried to do it yourself or have paid for some other company but not had the results that you wanted…GIVE IT ONE MORE TRY, call Lorin

  134. I worked with Lorin for about two years. What sold me on ACR was Lorin. He answers the phone and you work directly with him. Did I mention he answers the phone! It was that personal touch that made ACR an easy choice. We had a personalized plan of attack for getting my credit back to being respectable. He doesn’t make any false promises and tells you like it is which I appreciate. My score is now respectable having bought a new car zero down and looking to buy our first home within the year. BIG BIG THANKS TO LORIN WELL WORTH IT.

  135. Lorin did an exceptional job on my credit. All the negative history of my bureaus are all gone. Now is my job to keep it as impeccable as Lorin left it. I highly recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone. Thank you Lorin for all your help!

  136. Aggressive Credit Repair totally lived up to their name! Lorin was very professional and great to work with! With all his aggressive hard work, he has been able to get most, if not all the negative judgements off our credit report, not to mention he helped raise our credit score over 100 points which help us qualify for a home loan. I would recommend anyone that is needing credit repair services to Arggressive Credit Repair!

  137. I had Lorin work his magic on my credit reports for over 2 years and he was able to put me into position to qualify for a home and more. Thanks for all the expertise Lorin!

  138. I have been a client of Aggressive Credit Repair for approximately a year and find that Lorin has been very professional, not to speak of helpful. When we started this journey my FICO score was 603 and as of this minuet it has risen to a respectable 783, thanks Lorin for all of your work on my behalf. I would recommend this service to anyone in need.Thank you again.



  139. Lorin was informative and worked hard to get our credit in better shape. We were super happy to have him get our credit better than it has ever been! Thanks a Ton!

  140. We’ve used Aggressive Credit Repair twice over the past 10 years, with great success! Lorin is knowledgeable, professional, trustworthy, and very pleasant to work with. If I ever have a question about credit issues, Lorin is my first call. I highly recommend him, and will use his services again should the need arise.

  141. Lorin was great to work with! He stayed on top of what was going on. He is very good with communicating what needs to occur.

  142. Aggressive Credit Repair was superb!

    I highly recommend them.

    Lorin did an excellent job repairing my credit.

    When I was looking around for credit repair help I did my homework checking around.
    I’m glad I went with Aggressive Credit Repair.

  143. I entered the program with several issues on my credit report and slowly but surely they have mostly all been removed. The result is my credit score with all 3 bureaus improving by 120+ points! I would absolutely recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to any one who wants to take control over their credit.

  144. Lorin did an excellent job repairing my credit. He started working the day I contacted him and was able to answer all my questions and concerns. I was very impressed with my results for such a great price. He was able to get the result I needed to qualify for a home in only a month. I would recommend him to anyone needing to improve their credit score.. THANK YOU SO MUCH LORIN!!!

  145. i do not usually write reviews but the work Lorin has done i absolutely will write one .. he has helped me out by correcting all my little mistakes in life and has giving me a clean slate which i will not tarnish again .. he is extremely professional and will tell you the truth and not what you want to hear.. he is really easy to work with and responds to emails in a timely fashion if you have questions or receive responses from the credit bureaus .. i would definitely recommend his services to family and friends.. thank you Lorin

    customer from 8/15-1/16

  146. I was referred to this Company by a friend. It was the best decision I could have made to get signed up. I am forever grateful. All of my expectations were exceeded. This is a fabulous service.

  147. Lorin has a special way of treating your credit as if it is his credit. He worked with me and gave me great tips on how to resolve credit issues. He has an excellent price and excellent service to match. thank you once again Lorin. I highly recommend his services.

  148. This was the best decision I ever made, Lorin reviewed my file and went right to work. He called out exactly how he was going to help, and in a very short time jumped my credit score over 60 points.

  149. If your looking for that personal touch then Lorin is your guys. Went from not being able to get any kind of credit to having no problems with credit. Thanks again Lorin

  150. I was caught in a very unfortunate real estate scam which destroyed my credit rating. Due to Lorin’s efforts on my behalf my credit rating is better than ever. Thank you so much, Lorin, for the wonderful service you provide.

  151. Lorin, thank you for an amazing experience. You are so on top of things and always able to answer my questions in a very timely manner. I will definitely recommend your service to others. I really appreciate all you have done to help me.

  152. I was referred to aggressive credit repair by my sister in law because she was so impressed by Lorins service. We have been using his service for over a year and are able to now buy our dream home. Lorin is a pleasure to work with and replies in a quick manner which is extremely important to me. Whenever I hear my friends are struggling with bad credit I immediately referr them to lorin because I know they will not be let down .Thank you for your hard work!

  153. My experience with Lorin was awesome. I was with his company for less than 6 months and I saw results in my credit score. My score went up over 100 points. I know that he is very busy but when I emailed him with question, he responded to it in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend his services!

  154. Working with Lorin was one of the best experiences hands down. Credit repair can be very scary and daunting
    And he makes it simple and is an excellent communicator. Not only did he repair my credit but he held my hand
    Through the entire process. I cannot recommend highly enough this company and his expertise. I have recommended him
    To anyone and everyone who will listen. Don’t waste your money on other companies – Lorin and aggressive credit repair are
    Hands down the very best! Thank you!

  155. Lorin has been amazing to work with. He provided a professional and very personal service. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to straighten out negative reports by all of the credit bureaus. I plan to enlist his services again to review and maintain my credit records. I give Lorin and his company an A+!

  156. I was skeptical to use any type of credit repair service…as I was convinced that it was all a scam. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Lorin with Aggressive Credit Repair was phenomenal. No only did I see immediate results….but i continued to see results as they chipped away at the more stubborn items on my credit report. He was fantastic about communicating with me on what to expect and when to expect it. If you ask me his services are a bargain. I am very glad I chose Aggressive Credit Repair with Lorin. Jason F. – San Francisco

  157. Lorin was a critical piece in clearing up my husband’s bad debt. Hubby was in the 500s at the beginning of the program and now in the mid 700s! We are excited to see what life has in store for us now that those worries are gone.

  158. It was wonderful to work with Lorin Hanks/ ACC. I was finally able to get a credit card after 8 years of being denied over and over again. I still have more work to do with him, but it is always a pleasure! I recommend him to everyone and had a fellow veteran recommend him to me!

  159. Lorin aggressively and professionally repaired my credit score drastically. Lorin thank you for all your hard work and forever changing my financial future forever.

  160. Lorin does a great job. He had my credit cleaned up in a matter of months. I would highly recommend him and his services. On a scale of 1 thur 10….10 being the best….I give him a 10. Thank you Lorin!

  161. The service was extraordinary! 20 years of credit messes were cleaned up in just a few short months!

  162. Really great experience! When I had question I received prompt responses! I stuck with the program and the results I received was beyond expectations. Thank you!

  163. Lorin, was awesome and got my credit file completely cleaned up and above an 800 score for all three bureaus until I bought another home and they are all still very high 700s. Lorin worked hard, was very clear in his communication with me, was very responsive and all around a pleasure to work with. He also was quick to make sure I was only billed for the months his services were needed with a concern to make sure I was only billed when he was needed. He was more than fair. It is not often in the credit world that you have such a great experience. Thanks Lorin.

  164. Lorin was great. He was easy to work with and did exactly what he said he would. All of the illegitimate things on our credit were removed and our score drastically improved.

  165. Lorin with Aggressive Credit Repair is Awesome! He answers all your questions in a timely manner and get results. Thank you Lorin I am now buying a new home.

  166. Lorin worked on our credit for about a year and a half. With the financial challenges we experienced years ago, our credit was in bad shape. We are just now buying a home…finally!!

  167. Lorin with Aggressive Credit Repair is a very knowledgable individual with the perfect attitude to get credit scores all fixed up. I am very satisfied with my scores and everything that I have leaned through the help of Lorin. The guy is very specific, educated and affirmative which is great in the credit report business. Thank you Lorin!!

  168. Lorin has worked wonders on our credit score. About a year and half ago, we purchased 5 acres of land on contract with the hopes of some day building our dream home. After lots of research with various credit repair companies, we found Lorin. He was very too the point when we first talked with us. He didn’t sugar coat anything. We worked with him for approximately 11 months. He kept us in the loop through every step. He provide great education along the way. A couple weeks ago we went to our local bank to discuss our finance and to see how much mortgage we could afford. During that time, we showed the lender our current credit reports. He stated that at this point our scores are where they need to be and he didn’t see any issues on it that would prevent us from obtaining our loan. We should be breaking ground early 2016! Thank you Lorin for getting us where we needed to be and providing us key credit education!

  169. A bit more than a year and a half ago I was working hard on improving my credit scores on my own so that I could obtain a mortgage. I wasn’t see the results I expected, so I did some research into the best companies for credit repair work who were honest and fair. All indications were that Lorin with Aggressive Credit Repair was the right choice. The investment with Lorin paid off incredibly well. My credit scores improved to the point where I was able to obtain a mortgage and get the home my family deserves. Additionally, Lorin was a great educator along the way about how both the credit systems and the mortgage companies work. Well worth every dollar I spent.

  170. I spent two years with Lorin working on my credit scores. I can recommend Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair to everyone who has any type of credit issue. My experience was excellent, Lorin always kept me informed, advising me on what I needed to do, and he continually sent inquiries and dispute information to the three credit bureaus. My credit score improvement was well worth the investment and time spent with Loren and his company. Loren is very efficient with my time, and I also got a good education on how the credit bureaus operate and determine credit scores. Thank you Loren!

  171. When I first started working with Lorin all of three of my credit scores were in the low 500’s. After working with Lorin, within 8 months my scores are all near 700. The best thing about Lorin is that he kept me in the loop every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering improving their credit. Way to go Lorin, keep up the good work.

  172. Lorin has taken my credit score from the low 600 to up over 725. He was able to dispute many out dated and incorrect information on mine and my wife’s credit reports. It is so nice to be able to get the lowest financing for whatever I want now.

  173. Excellent personal service and communication. We will be using you again to improve my wife’s credit score. This is definitely the way to do it.

  174. Thanks Lorin! Great job! Communication was almost as good as my results! You will come highly recommended…

  175. Lorin got the job done for me. My score is now 760. I recommend you trust Lorin to do the job for you.

  176. I have not one complaint, the service Lorin provides is at its finest. Credit score just keeps going up. I’ve learn a lot from the service. Thanks for all the hard work. Happy customer!!!

  177. Lorin worked very hard on my husband’s credit after he was injured in the service. Our bank told us we were at least two years and a lot of hard work away from home ownership yet, ACR had us set to buy our home in 10 months–and Lorin even referred us to a trusted lender. We are now proud home owners who look forward to checking our credit scores! Lorin even worked on my own credit after having to leave work to care for my husband’s injuries. We appreciated how thorough the service was: a candid initial screening, monthly phone calls, and a plethora of tips on keeping one’s credit up. We thank you, Lorin! ~ Jen and Brandon.

  178. This service was great. Very thorough and proactive. I highly recommend this service.

  179. Aggressive Credit Repair was incredible to work with. The results were better than I imagined. I am very pleased.

    Lorin is awesome. He is always quick to answer questions and very professional.

    I highly recommend Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair.

    Thanks, Lorin, for all you did for me and my family.

  180. I tried to improve my credit my self for years and could only get it to a certain point. Aggressive credit repair was able to the points so much higher in just a few months. I would recommend him to everyone I know.

  181. Lorin really understands what to do to get you to the next level, we wanted to get out of renting and moved our score enough to get get into a home within 9 months at some of the lowest interest rates available and we didn’t qualify before.

    You just need to mail back what he does for you monthly and following his input it worked. We have 3 times the size of home from what we rented before and we pay $200 more a month is all and we get to write off the interest so we are way ahead in life, love what Agressive Credit Repair did for us. The only problem Lorin did create is we get those five a day credit card offers in the mail now but we expected that.

    Thanks again,

    Glenn,Val, Maddy & Kayla!

  182. Lorin was very helpful and quick to respond and guide me in the steps I needed to take to get my credit report and scores improved. Over the course of the time working with Lorin, I never felt abandoned or had any questions left unanswered. I preferred email communications and all responses were prompt and informative. Thank you Lorin.

  183. Aggressive Credit Repair – Lorin was terrific to work with. Very professional and on top of it.
    I had a terrific experience, and recommend Lorin and his services. Outstanding!

  184. Aggressive Credit was great and highly recommend them. They were professional, answered all my questions and most importantly I got results!

  185. Lorin is amazing at credit repair.
    I looked for the Best at Credit Repair
    Going to the BBB. Agressive Credit Repair
    Had an A+ eating and economical.I’ve referred
    Family and friends throughout the years. Oh yea this is my second
    Time with this Genius.5 *****

  186. Lorin was outstanding to work with. He took the time to explain the complex world of credit. You would think that if you have no debt and make good money that credit wouldn’t be a problem but that is not correct. What we learned has put us on the path to financial stability. We could not thank Lorin enough for all that he has done for us. If you are skeptical and read this post understand that we to were very skeptical but we took the leap and it paid off big time. If you need a credit lesson and credit repair Lorin is the way to go. Thank you!!!

  187. The program with Lorin gave me the momentum to change my credit situation that i otherwise did not know where to begin. I am thankful for the help and am now in a better place then when i began. Thank you

  188. I can’t say enought about Lori , and his program. It truly is the best program and I should know I’ve been in 3 and he completed more in half the time than the other two. He is always avaliable whenever I need led anything! Any question! Any time. Best decision I’ve made about cleaning up my credit.

  189. Lorin is amazing. This will sound like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. I’ve never met a business professional that answers every call and handles the issue at hand immediately. Same with emails: lightning fast responses. (Maybe he’s human and has to return a call now and then, but I never experienced that.) He has done great things with my mother’s credit after it was impacted by fallout from “the great recession” starting in 2009. And my biggest issue was a UT State tax lien that was too hastily placed on my credit report (without properly notifying me, etc.). The State wouldn’t budge on helping me removing it, though I had quickly paid the amount in full as soon as I heard about it. Over the course of a few months Lorin was able to remove the State lien from my credit reports. I said “amazing” already, right? During the process I quickly learned that the credit bureaus and their reporting processes are terribly convoluted and complicated to deal with. Week in and week out Lorin kept hitting them with contest letters (whatever he calls them) until all the credit dings came off. His service is worth every penny. Thanks Lorin!

  190. I have been in business for 35 years and for the first 30 had a great score and even greater credit … and then trouble hit. I was convinced that I would be without good credit for the rest of my career but Lorin did what he does best and that is do everything that needed to be done to restore my excellent credit and my peace of mind. I cannot say enough about his thoroughness and his professional approach to serious problems. I would recommend him without hesitation.
    Jo Packham
    Where Women Create

  191. I would not have been able to buy a car without this guy. He turned my credit from low 500’s to medium 700’s. He checked in with me every single month to help me make progress. The service he gives is life changing.

  192. After a failed business and bad debt, Lorin repaired my credit to get my family back into a home! I recomend him to everyone I talk to. Best money I could have ever spent. From the start of the program to now my score changed over 150 points in less than a year. He calls every month personally to talk about the progress of the program, you NEVER feel left out of the loop. He is quick to answer emails. I would still be renting if not for the work he did. If you follow the guidelines he sets forth before you start the program, I am certain you will be happy with his work. Thanks Lorin!

  193. Lorin did an amazing job. I think 7 negatives came off my credit report and 9 off my wife’s within the first month or two and by the time we were finished he had gotten everything off of both our credit reports with all 3 agencies and our scores both increased from the upper 600’s to the upper 700’s. We refinanced our home and lowered our rate 1.5% without any closing costs. Doors are opening to us that were previously closed. Lorin is worth every penny and delivers what he promises. He calls and emails personally when he needs to get a hold of you for any reason and is a pleasure to work with.

  194. I was a little reluctant to sign up for a credit repair service because I wasn’t sure there would be anything anybody could do for me. I had a TON of negative accounts on my reports! I had also heard stories from other people about services they had signed up for, payed a lot of money each month for, only to have a bad experience and very little effort made by the company to help them. A friend of a friend referred me to Aggressive Credit Repair and I’m so glad they did! The cost of the program was almost half of other services I was researching. I knew from the first conversation with Lorin that he was going to make every effort possible to help me. I never felt like I was not in the loop with what was going on with my account. You receive a phone call at each step of the process from Lorin. You know work is being done by all the letters you receive from the Credit agencies telling you about the disputes Lorin has filed on your behalf. I had great success with Lorin and the money I saved in interest rates alone was well worth it. I would definitely recommend Aggressive Credit Repair. It’s an awesome company! Thanks Lorin for all your help!!

  195. In a field where there is a lot of dishonesty, Lorin stands out as someone is totally honest and will work hard for you throughout your duration on his program. He is straightforward and tells you what he can do and what he cannot and he did a fantastic job for me. He is always in touch and always there to answer any questions you may have. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to honestly repair their credit.

  196. February 23 2015
    Lorin has been a great help in cleaning up my credit it was pretty bad but now i am able to buy a home because my credit score when up a lot he will explain in detail what he will be doing to help you i highly recommend his service

  197. Lorin was great he help me improve my credit so that i was able to get in to a house his service is well worth it. He has a proven and perfected method to improve credit reports. I he is a credit pro and Im sure he can improve your situation too

  198. Lorin has been a huge help in clearing up some Medical collections that had damaged my Credit. He guided me on the steps I needed to take to allow him to contact all 3 credit agencies and have the collections erased from my score. As it stands, I have outstanding scores with all three agencies which will help me going forward in getting the best possible interest rates.

    Thanks Lorin.

    Matt V

  199. Lorin helped get a lot of debt off of my credit. My score went up a lot. I highly recommend his service.

  200. Mr. Lorin Hanks is a honorable man….he is devoted to help you. I had credit problems stemming from my aggressive personality and eliminating all credit 6 years prior to contacting Aggressive Credit Repair. I wanted however to purchase a vehicle but refused to pay high interest. My credit score was in the low 500’s. Prior to contacting Mr. Hanks, I googled ways to improve my score. Along with Mr. Hanks recommendations and my research a strategy was developed. Once his plan and mine were in motion in 4 month my score rose to the very high end of the 700’s and I did purchase the vehicle I wanted. I can only assume with continued diligence my score can only improve more. Yes online information is easy to access but Mr. Lorin Hanks helped me put the pieces of the credit game together and eliminating its maze of confusion. Great getting to know you and thank you very much.

    Bill Weber

  201. First and foremost I have to say that I feel lucky to have chosen Lorin Hanks to help me fix my credit report and score. I had done plenty of research in trying find just the right person to help me and still wasn’t sure who to go with. Right from the beginning Lorin was great at explaining his process, what he would do, and what he would need from me. He never once went back on what he said he would do, what the possibilities were, what to not get my hopes up for, as well as what is past experieces have lead him to believe. Finding someone as honest and credible as Lorin Hanks has made all the difference for me.

    He also took the time to explain and teach me many things about how the various credit systems work.

    I have and will continue to recommend Lorin Hanks’ services to friends, family, and anyone to whom I meet looking for help with credit repair!!

  202. Aggressive credit repair is just that. I saved thousands of dollars and my credit was boosted to where it needs to be, thanks to this service!

  203. Lorin was a great help in improving my credit. He’s straightforward, honest and does exactly what he says. Doesn’t promise miracles but works hard to take care of every issue on your credit report. If you are willing to work with him and do what it takes to improve your credit, there is no better program out there.

  204. Lorin’s service was very helpful in cleaning up my credit file. I have recommended him to other people as he has been very honest and protective of my personal data and very prompt in his services. He does what he says he will do!

  205. I was absolutely impressed with this company! Lorin made miracles happen! I never thought 2 years after my husband and I filed bankruptcy that we would of been able to buy our first home! It’s was absolutely the BEST decision I ever made! I even referred family who also needed help and they are seeing the magic Lorin does! I would tell anyone who has problems with their credit and are in need of direction to go with Aggressive Credit Repair!!!

  206. Aggressive Credit Repair – was one of the best decision I could take! Every month I would get my letter from the work Lorin put towards my account. (which meant things were changing) I always tell people I had help building my credit. The program paid off! When I started with Lorin I could not even get approved for anything…then after a few months had passed I got a approved for a few credits and I started making payments on time and just taking care of my credit! Now I just bought my first home! It’s so worthy! I am where I’m supposed to be! All because of the work that Aggressive Credit Repair did to help me get there!

  207. They have worked tirelessly to get my credit report fixed. I have been with them for over a year. In a short time, they have done an excellent job of removing items on my credit report that were not mine. The harder stuff took a little longer. They continue to do excellent work and I am happy I found them on a google search. They are well worth the money I spend… I would definately recommend them…Thanks again and Happy Holidays to everyone at Aggressive Credit Repair.

  208. I’ve had great success with Lorin. Credit went way up. Bought 2 cars and a credit card issued with a $5000 limit. That might not mean much to some but I feel that it is what Lorin has done to make that possible. Thanks Lorin. Scott

  209. Lorin is phenomenal to work with. I tried Credit Repair with another company and was really disappointed with the whole industry. We were getting ready to buy a new house and knew that I had to clean up my credit score, which was about 620, before I was going to do it. The best part about working with Lorin, is you get a person that calls you, emails you and gives you super simple next steps to do as well as expectations of what is going to happen, not just a computer system. At the end of the process, my credit score is now almost 780 and I got an incredible rate on my new home and decided to refinance my car since I have such a great credit score now and I got a great rate on that loan as well. If you are serious about paying off old debts and fixing your credit, Lorin is a no brainer!

  210. Lorin really went to bat for me and got thousands of dollars removed in old judgements. Plus he kept on me when I kept putting it on the back burner. Thanks for everything lorin

  211. When starting the program with Lorin my credit score was in the 4’s to low 500. Just coming out of bankruptcy my financial picture was a total mess. With Lorin’s hard work in less than a year all my scores are close to 700 now. I can’t thank Lorin enough I have reached my dream of home ownership and have purchased a dependable car with no issues/ decent interest rates. I never would of thought this would of been possible a year ago. At one time I had tried another program they were slow but with Lorin he got right to it no messing around.

  212. Lorin helped me get my credit scores above 700 , he does not promise what he can’t deliver which I appreciated. With the program it takes at least about a year, that is when you really see the results of the work done and of course putting in your own effort. Overall I am very satisfied with how I am on track to great credit.

  213. Lorin did a great job for us. I highly recommend his services! He delivers on what he says he will do. He was able to help me get my credit back above 700 and get the best rates available! He is very responsive and always got back to me after I sent him new reports. Thanks, Lorin

  214. Working with Lorin makes me want to go back to Las Vegas for a few nights. That said, Lorin increased my credit score from the mid 5’s to 680. Now I can get better loan rates and easily qualify to rent an apartment. Thank you Lorin for making life easier for me! If I ever decide to get help with my credit again, I will go to Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair. Working directly with the owner is vital to know you are getting the best. Cheers!

  215. Lorin’s services were great! He turned my financial life around. Lorin is very aggressive, hints the name. He made it possible for me to buy my first home for me and my family. His work has made it possible for me to get loans, buy a car, and like i said buy a home. Lorin has changed my life around for me and my family. Thanks Lorin, you were very through and professional, i really appreciate everything you have done.

  216. I would recommend Lorin’s services to anyone and everyone! He is very punctual with his work. Any questions I ever had were responded to in a timely matter and in great depth! I felt extremely taken care of! Thank you again Lorin!

  217. Started the program in May of 2013, had a score in the low 500s and by August of 2014 my score is in the 700s with all negative reports off my credit report. Thank Lorin Hanks, you were very easy to work with and successfully fulfilled your promise.

  218. Thank You Lorin did a great job i have tried other credit repair company’s and seen very little results this program really does work he helped both me and my wife to get from low 500 scores to mid 600’s in just about 6 months definately will refer him to anybody and everybody i know thanks again lorin

  219. Lorin was so helpful, professional, extremely responsive to calls and emails, and he did ALL the work. After the preliminary set up of his services, all I had to do was sit back, pay my bills on time, and I watch my credit score increase over the months. I am THIS close to breaking 700, thanks to Lorin. I cannot recommend his services enough. I would send friends and family in need of help his way in a heartbeat.

    I was tired of paying for credit mistakes I made in college (I am now 32), and feel a weight lifted. I can confidently move forward with pride and confidence in all financial matters.

    Thank you Lorin, I owe it all to you!

  220. I would like to say I owe being able to buy a home to this service. When we did the preliminary overview of my credit I was not able to get a credit card of any type and due to this service being able to pull stuff even he didn’t think he would be able to off of credit report I am now more than qualified to buy a home. My credit went from a 530 to 660 in about 8 months.

  221. I can’t thank Lorin enough for the work he put into my wife’s credit and the remarkable improvement in her scores. It was great to know that Lorin effectively managed all aspects of her credit from beginning to end. The professional and personal attention he put into this was outstanding. When you work with Aggressive Credit Repair you can rest assured that Lorin will handle all aspects and you will not be handed off to someone else. Thanks again, Lorin !

  222. I’m never have any person work so hard and fast on my credit, removing my bad reports,lorin is the best on the things he does , he will work whit you , and let you know the steps to follow, I’m will highly recommend lorin services ,that he provides, I did start the program on April 2014 and by August 14 I’m off, I don’t understand why I wait years of bad credit 580 my score , now over 100 + thanks lorin .apreciate

  223. Lorin of Aggressive Credit repair worked diligently to remove errors on my credit report. Lorin worked with me personally via emails & phone calls & it was always easy to get in touch with him quickly when I had a question. He was able to get my score up at LEAST 100 points. I highly recommend Aggressive Credit Repair for all of your credit repair needs.

  224. I was referred to the service by a co-worker who was extremly please with the outcome. I signed up 02/26/14 and by May my score had improved dramatcally. Lorin was able to have several items removed from my reports and did as the guarantee says he will. I have told everyone I know that could benefit from this service to give him a call. Super easy to get started, pay your monthly fee and he will do the rest!

  225. I investigated several credit repair companies when searching for a company I could trust. I saw everything from large up front retainers from law firms, to monthly subscriptions with no feedback from the company. I saw Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair on the Gephardt Approved website which gave me great confidence in his services. I have been blown away by his constant contact with me on the process, even though my score is now in the 700’s I have kept with him to continue to improve my scores and keep the financial doors wide open. Thanks Lorin for this service and your professionalism.

  226. Lorin Hanks worked aggressively and quickly to clear up my credit! He consistently kept me informed of what was going on and did everything in a very timely manner. He was always available to take my calls/emails and answer any questions I had. My score has improved drastically and I’m more confident than ever to finally be able to pursue purchasing my own home. I will be recommending him to anyone I know who needs credit repair/assistance. Thank you, Lorin!!

  227. Lorin did an amazing job. He was always on task with everything clear up my credit really nice. I will always recommend Lorin for any credit help. He is very efficient and professional. Now my credit is looking at its best ever. Thank you Lorin for all your help and getting me back

  228. I was very skeptical at first, having used a credit repair service several years back that worked very VERY slow but, Lorin met or exceeded everything he said he would. Several things came off within the first 2 months, including 2 judgments! Very please with the services he provided. My scores went up almost as soon as I signed on.

  229. Although apprehensive, I found Lorin to be as good as advertised. He is aggressive and my credit improved simple as that! I would highly recommend.

  230. This was the best choice I made with improving my credit! The process is so simple and didn’t require much work on my behalf, Lorin does all the hard work. My credit score improved 100+ points and I couldn’t be happier with the results. On top of Lorin was great with communicating any updated info and would always call and then follow up with an email. I always spoke with him directly and never anyone else. I would recommend his services to anyone who is trying to rebuild and repair their credit.

  231. After reading reviews and doing extensive research, I decided to sign my wife and myself up for this service. It was the best desicion I could have made. Lorin has been great, not only does he give good advice but the work that he has put in to our credit is unreal! When we started with Lorin in May 2013 we had poor credit with some major negatives. We were both starting to feel hopeless with our credit. Lorin has turned everything around for us, not only has our score jumped in the last year but we have also had many MAJOR negatives removed!! We will continue to work with Lorin and recommend him to others. Thank you Lorin

  232. I started with Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair late last summer after he had done an amazing job for my wife. The results were almost immediate and dramatic. My credit score increased by over 50 points within the first 90 days. Within nine months my score was up by well over 100 points. To say this was was life changing would be an understatement. Throughout the entire process Lorin was professional, responsive, knowledgeable and most importantly effective. In an industry teeming with fraud it’s good to know there is at least one reputable company you can turn to for credit repair. Needless to say, if you ever need credit repair I wholeheartedly recommend Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair.

  233. Lorin did an amazing job! In only a few months, he helped my credit improve over 100 points! He was very prompt in our communication and I would reccomemd his services to anyone. I felt like it was getting great customer service and he really did care to help me. I thoroughly researched who to use and could not be more pleased with his service. Thank you, Lorin! -Rob

  234. We enrolled in the program a year ago and seen our credit scores improve drastically especially after our bankruptcy. Thank you again Lorin! Would definitely do it again and recommend Lorin to others.

  235. Lorin was very effective and responsible. We were able to reach my refinancing goals! I encourage you to use his knowledge to help you meet your goals with credit repair and refinancing.

  236. You have provided me with the most detailed and comprehensive service I have ever received. You have thoroughly cured years and years of credit messes and I now have good credit standing and have been able to borrow significant sums from national banks and other financial institutions. Thank you for your tireless dedication to my account!

  237. Excellent work, excellent results! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to my account!

  238. Lorin did exactly what he said he would, he worked very hard and was great at communicating what he was doing and what I needed to do. My score increased by 100 points and I was able to get a mortgage for a home I was previously denied for, I highly recommend this service!

  239. I am very pleased with my results. Lorin started working on my credit five months ago. My credit scores have improved by more than 100 points. I will be closing on my new home next month.

  240. Awesome program. Working with Lorin really made the difference. When we started the program about a year ago I had FICO scores in the low 500’s. Now two of the bureaus have scores over 700 and the other is 680. With Lorin’s help we were able to purchase a house after only 10 months on the program. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to repair their credit that you don’t wait any longer, start today. Lorin is very professional and has your best interest at hand all the time.

  241. Aggressive Credit Repair worked for me. I had a score of 640 and it increase 100 points within three months. The source of my low credit score was a couple of items that were in collections (one of which, had been in collections for several years) once those were resolved (or removed) my credit score went up in fairly dramatic fashion. I appreciate the individual attention I received from Lorin and the frankness of our communications. Thanks Lorin!

  242. Aggressive Credit Repair in every way exceeded my expectations! Lorin was upfront and really easy to work with. On my account he achieved great results in a considerably short amount of time. In May, when I started with Aggressive, I was looking for a car loan and the banks offered me an interest rate of 8.99%. With Lorin’s help on my credit score, I was able to get a rate of 2.99% in October!

    Thank you so much Lorin!

  243. Honest, thorough and transparent in what ACR can do for you. I would use this service again. Very attentive and the follow up was second to none.

  244. My husband and I really appreciate all the hard work Lorin did on both our credit scores…we would recommend if you need credit issues resolved he is the man for the job…Appreciatively The Murphy’s

  245. Lorin was incredible. My score shot up from the 660s all the way up to 770+. He removed all negative items on the reports. He also keeps in stellar communication with you as you go through the process.

    He’s your man.

  246. Aggressive Credit Repair, does what it claims to do. Lorin worked hard to raise my credit score in a professional manner. I would highly recommend his services!

  247. Yep.. did my credit good he worked hard to remove bogus and non bogus went from 400’s to mid 700’s in about a year

  248. I came to Aggressive Credit with a credit history involving a lost business, home, illness and divorce. To say I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start to clean up the mess was an understatement. Then I met Lorin Hanks, who has been amazing to work with! He is honest, forthright and answers all your questions without making you feel embarassed or stupid. Lorin has been extremely helpful in taking my credit history and repairing it to a place where I can move forward. I will not hesitate to refer my friends to Lorin. Thank you for everything!

  249. Lorin was very professional and effecient with his service. He quickly disputed items as soon as he received the documents. I have dealt with Lexington Law office for double the price, in the past and I was thinking that “this Aggressive credit repair isn’t going to work, I’ll just be going back to Lexington”. Much to my surprise that wasn’t the case. He got items removed from my husband’s report that Lexington couldn’t. However, the items on my report were not removed, but companies updated the information from lates to not reported, which is just as good. I would highly recommend his services.

  250. Lorin,

    Thank you Lorin Hanks and Aggressive Credit Repair for doing what you said you would do i.e., repair my credit. It is a breath of fresh air to know that there is at least one company and person out there who still does what they say or advertise. Lorin your yes means yes. Again thank you for doing what you said you would do i.e., repair my credit. My family and I purchased our new home and it is due to you. Prior to contacting you, I thought I was many years away from this goal. You are changing lives. May god bless you and your family as much as you are blessing others.

  251. Aggressive Credit Repair helped me build my credit so I could purchase my first home. Through his diligence, Lorin was able to get my bankruptcy removed from my credit report and has been a great help to me and my family.

  252. I am thankful that I found Aggressive Credit Repair. Lorin Hanks is phenomenal and totally deserves the GephardtApproved stamp. He was able to analyze my credit report and give me some great advice on how to proceed next. I didn’t have to wait that long to get my results back. Lorin was on point, didn’t make me feel like an idiot when I had questions for me and was very professional & personable.. I highly suggest that if you’re looking for help as far as your finances..
    Call Lorin Hanks!!

  253. I would highly recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to everyone. Within eight months Lorin raised my fico score 100 points and now I’m at 750!!
    Lorin is the best at what he does. He worked with me personally. Not many business owners work directly with their clients. I felt more comfortable with their service because I knew Lorin would take of everything that needed to done. If you want a true professional with years of experience give Lorin a call.

  254. I have been in the lending industry for over 20 years. I have heard of credit repair companies over the past several years and have reasearched some as well, however until I talked with Lorin I felt it would be money (a very large amount they all wanted up-front) wasted. My husband and I both had past credit struggles due to divorce however actively wanted to resolve thes issues and move forward in our lives, we were in Lorin’s program for 9 months and he accomplished MORE than what he said he would at the time of our initial interview and he accomplished this at paced affordable rate. We were not obligated to continue with his services if we did not see results- I never questioned where the results were as he kept us informed each step of the way.

    We now once again own a home at a 3% fixed interest rate and this is most definately a result of Lorin’s work. I have several friends and family members that I have referred to Lorin and have gotten only thanks and positve feedback for referring Agressive Credit Repair’s information, they are all now also on their way to having a healthy credit report once again as well.

  255. Lorin was amazing! We tried for 2 years to repair our credit. Lorin was very knowledgeable & did so much for us in under a year! I recommend Lorin to anyone who needs to repair/rebuild their credit.

  256. Lorin was amazing to work with. If I ever had a problem or a question he was there to help. He keeps you up to date on everything that is going on and I would recommend him to anyone. I was very pleased with my results

    Thanks for your help Lorin.


  257. Aggressive Credit Repair is one of best credit repair agencies out there. I have tried several in the past five years and none has gotten the quick results like that of Lorin. He handles every case with professionalism and I have had a wonderful experience working with him. I will surely recommend everyone in need of credit repair help to Lorin.

  258. Lorin at Agressive Credit Repair has been great! I had him work on my credit for a little over a year and i have seen numerous negitive items removed from my credit report as well as a substatial increase in my credit rating. I would recomend Lorin and Agressive Credit repair to Anyone looking to improve there credit situation. Thank Lorin!

  259. Lorin was great to work with. I had a tax lean showing on my reports. I had worked with the state and had documentation showing I did not have the lean srom the state. I was unable to get it corrected myself. Lorin was very pro active and I started seeing changes quickly. I would recommend him to all friends and family.

  260. Lorin was awesome! He did exactly what he promised. My credit score was terrible. After his service, my score went up 100 points and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for all your help! I will definitely recommend Lorin to all my friends.

  261. I can’t say enough how happy we are that we chose Lorin and Aggressive Credit repair. Because Lorin was upfront about what things he could probably clear up (and a few he didn’t think he could) the results far exceeded our expectations. We went into this a little skeptical, but with a horrific credit scenario that needed help. We were victims of a real estate scam that left multiple foreclosures and short sales on our credit. We had no hope of getting a loan to buy a home of our own. Well, a year later, almost all of our credit issues are gone. Our credit score is up about 100 points and we recently qualified for a conventional home loan! Even most of the things Lorin didn’t think would come off did and we now have great credit. If you’re on the fence, try Aggressive Credit Repair. We are SO glad we did!

  262. I cant express how grateful I am for all of Lorins help. He stuck to his word and delivered. My credit was to be honest sh!t … I was referred to Lorin through two friends that had used him also and had nothing but rave reviews. He was constantly calling and emailing me with updates and after a year of his services I couldn’t be in a better place. I highly recommend using Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair well worth it.

  263. Lorin did a terrific job. Despite the best efforts of the credit bureaus, he was incredibly effective in getting incorrect items removed from my credit reports. My credit score was increased by over 100 points in just over a year! He had excellent communications in every step of the process. Also, he never over promised. In fact, if anything he was conservative in his representations. I would highly recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone in need of an improved credit score. Thanks Lorin!

  264. I researched various companies that do credit repair work and I am very happy that I went with Lorin. My uncle had previously used a different company that had him pay up front and they never came through with the results that they promised. He is now also using Lorin’s service, and the first thing he said was, wow he is quick! I would not think twice on who I would recommend to friends and family who are seeking credit counsel.

    Lorin is straight to the point, and was honest with what he would follow through with. If he knew he wouldn’t be able to get it removed, he would tell you it was unlikely that he would be able to help; but when he said it was going to get done, he was right on point. Immediate responses followed up by the details that he would need for you to proceed with. I am very happy with the service that Lorin provided and would recommend it to anyone as I already mentioned previously. Thanks again Lorin!

  265. I am very glad we found agressive credit repair, we were on the program for almost a year. Lorin was helping both me and my husband fix our credit report. Both of our credit scores have been raised and a lot of negative credit was removed from our credit reports. We recently went in to buy a new car and were able to finance it on our own without a co-signer and even got the good credit interest rate. This program really works and you will see results.

  266. He did wonderful for us. He got credit fix so we could get approved for home loan in just 3 month. I would recomend him to anyone that need credit fixed.

  267. Mission accomplished. With Lorin’s help I was able to jump up 150 points on my credit score in 3 months. I am now in the process of buying my first home.

  268. Lorin and A.C.R’s services are top notch, and absolutely deliver amazing results.

    If you are committed to putting the past behind you and need real professional help to clean up mistakes, then you have come to right place.

    From the very beginning and throughout the program, Lorin always takes the time to communicate with you every step of the way. He not only delivers results, but actually takes the time to educate you about how the credit bureaus report, your rights under the law, and how to avoid simple mishaps that can be detrimental to your credit file in the future. Additionally, you also learn simple strategies that have amazing positive results and Its great to watch your scores climb every single month.

    Personally, my education alone was worth every penny spent with A.C.R. over the last year. From a starting median score of 515 to the of 700 today, with the education to keep it that way for good………. A true outstanding value!

    We all have a family doctor, dentist, legal counsel when needed, and perhaps a trusted mechanic. A.C.R is my family credit repair go to guy. The sooner you start the program, the sooner you will see the results. Stop looking at that blemished report with fear. Jump in head first with A.C.R, clean it up, and don’t look back. One of the best decisions and investments you will ever make. It was for me.

    Thanks A.C.R!

    David B,
    Hastings, Nebraska.

  269. Has a great service, I’d recommend it to anyone serious about cleaning up their credit…

  270. Lorin made it very easy to work with him and stayed in touch monthly and stayed on top of our credit bureaus. He made our roles in the process easy and manageable. Lorin is very cooperative and helped improve my wifes credit score by almost 100 points in less than year, and even though my score was ok, he helped get removed a bunch of items on my credit removed and really cleaned it up which helped my score go up as well and now our credit reports are more manageable and he helped us learn how to maintain our own credit reports for the future and to help teach our children. Thanks Aggressive and really thanks Lorin Hanks.

  271. Aggressive Credit repair did for me just what the company name implies. Lorin Was AGGRESSIVE in the repair of my Credit. He took me from a very sad sad 580 to over 700. I will save in loan interest rates a considerable amount more then I spent on the affordable fees from Aggressive. I can not express enough how much of an impact Aggressive Credit Repair has improved my loan prospects. Lorin was always very professional, willing to give advice and stayed on top of my needs…. Thanks very much for your hard work.

  272. Lorin’s service was top notch. I have referred my friends and family his way.. He worked hard on my credit and did more than other more expensive services I looked into. When it came time to cancel service because I was able to get a home loan (that was my goal) I had no issues cancelling. (something I’ve heard others have had trouble with when cancelling service with other credit repair companies)

  273. Lorin’s services were invaluable. I can’t give enough positive feedback for what he has done for me. Thanks to Lorin, my credit has come a long way and I can now get the best interest rates. Thank you Lorin!

  274. Lorin did an excellent job in assisting me to get my credit on track. I am now running my own business with my credit intact and building. Without the credit repair I would be struggling to get the accounts I now have. My credit has come so far. Thank you Lorin.

  275. Lorin was a lifesaver for me when I was going through the security checks with my job offer of working for the Veterans Benefits Administration. He realized how short a time frame I was looking at and went to work immediately. He successfully removed a lot of old debts and those that were simply not mine. I believe if it wasn’t for his excellent, tmely effort I would not have gotten the posistion. In addition anytime I have had a question concerning my credit he has been there for me. Thanks Lorin for being there

  276. Lorin is the true definition of a professional. I will do business again with Lorin any time and any day.
    Thanks for everything Lorin!


  278. Lorin’s services are great. He was able to work with me and raise my credit score. He was always on top of things concerning my credit and worked hard with the 3 reporting agencies to improve my credit worthiness. I would recommend him to anyone needs help with their credit.

  279. Lorin has absolutely been fantastic. There are not too many companies out there where you get to deal with the owner. Lorin did exactly what he said and the results are better than expected. I have been able to move forward in purchasing a home with an outstanding interest rate. I could not have completed this without Lorin. Thank you Lorin for all your help!

  280. Lorin is the best! He has removed all the negative information off my credit. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! Thank you very much Lorin!

  281. I very much enjoyed the experience of improving my credit rating with your expertise help. If I ever need more help I will surely return to your for help! Thank you so much!

  282. Lorin and aggressive credit did an excellent credit score was at 536 in just one year he helped get it up to
    714 now I was able to buy a house thanks to lorin.I would recommend aggressive credit to help you they helped me.

  283. Lorin did a great job in leading me through the process to clear a record. He never lost his focus and was able to help me when the situation with the creditors was anything but friendly. I would recommend his services for anyone who has creit problems. It taes time, and you need to do allot of work, but if you follow his guidance it will happen


  284. Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair was wonderful to work with. He was very thorough with the credit bureaus as well as keeping me constantly updated. I would definitely use Lorin again and I would recommend his services to anyone who needs them.

  285. Loren and Aggressive Credit Repair were great to work with. Always professional and worked consistently over time to improve my credit scores. During the 18 months that I worked with Loren my FICO scores went from 684 to 785. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their credit scores.

  286. Lorin was great in taking care of working on cleaning up my credit. I have used him in the past but had a few things that still needed taken care of and he was fast and always informative as to how things were going to clear up these items. I would recommed him to anyone, and also use him myself and if I ever needed someting taken care of

    Thanks again

  287. Lorin was straight to the point and got my credit back on track. After about 6 months of work I got the negative items removed from my credit reports, all my olds debts paid for and was able to obtain a pre approval for a mortgage. As busy as I am, it’s nice to have someone do all the work for me. All I had to do was mail a few letters each mounth, Lorin did the rest. Thanks again!

  288. Three years ago we lost our home to a short sale. This really affected our credit. We looked at purchasing a home after the 3 year wait and our credit scores were not even in ballpark to get a loan. We heard about Lorin @ Aggresive Credit Repair thru our lender and we placed the call. From the beginning Lorin has been wonderful to work with, and all the accounts he disputed and cleared from the Credit Bureaus (even disputed 30 day lates and got alot removed). We are finally in a position to get a home and suppose to close next week. Thank you Lorin for all your assistance, and doing all the work for us, I did not have to contact or mail anything to credit agencies, he does all the work for you! It really was stress free and worth the money.

  289. Lorin,

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you have done. You have been able to take care of some issues that have haunted me for years. I will be recommending your service to others to make them aware of how you are able to help improve their financial life.


    Mike Sheffield

  290. I have been working with Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair over that last 5 months in hopes of getting my credit high enough to purchase my first home for my growing family here in Utah. Lorin has really been the dedicated professional we were looking for! He has helped get numerous negative accounts off my credit history that were prohibiting me from buying a home. My credit score has increased over 85pts and is continuing to rise due to his aggressive efforts with all 3 bureau’s. Finally my credit score is high enough to buy a home. I would highly recommend Lorin to anyone looking to increase their credit score and get negative marks removed for good!

    Big thanks from the Hall family:)

  291. Lorin couples the competence with the experience that I needed and used it to help me with a very difficult problem. I deal with competent professionals constantly but few have the ability or willingness to communicate with me like Lorin does. It was very refreshing to have such quick responses. I recommend him to everyone.

  292. What a great expereience I had with Lorin and Aggressive Credit. Lorin was able to get my score increased over 100 points. He does all the work that I didnt have time to, nor wanted to do. I would recommend him to anyone looking to fix their credit. Thanks again for all of your hard work!

  293. To not have to do the work and letters and such was a blessing to me. Always quick to respond,
    and even though Lorin talks a little fast on the phone! I believe he is very efficient and has a desire to help people achieve their dreams.

  294. I would and have recommended Lorin to others; he is truly amazing at what he does! During my 6 months working with Lorin, I was able to qualify to purchase a home locking in the great mortgage rates! You won’t go wrong using Aggressive Credit Repair…..

    Thanks a million, Lorin!!

  295. Well…what an outstanding job Lorin did on my credit. I highly recommend him if u need help repairing your credit. Use aggrissive credit repair with confidents…. as you will not be dissapointed. Takes a little time and patience, but the end results are priceless. Job well done………….

    Thanks Lorin

  296. I was lucky to find this site about two years ago. Lorin has been not only been very responsive to my requests, but he ha done a great job in all the disputes I had with known and unknown creditors. He is a wonderful partner in battling your credit war. I strongly recommend his service to whoever needs credit repair.
    Thanks Lorin

  297. As mortgage interest rates were dropping, I knew my credit score wasn’t where it needed to be, or even the best way to begin working on it, so that I could qualify for refinancing. Fortunately, I heard Lorin on a local radio station, and liked what I heard. Within 2 months, our score jumped enough to qualify. With his advice and guidance, we continued to work on improving our credit rating. We followed his program for 12 months, and during that time, we were able to refinance twice. Not only does he help improve your credit rating, but if you follow the program, he also helps educate on keeping and protecting your credit.

  298. I have worked with Lorin for a few years now and have always found him to be a great resource. He has assisted me and educated me on how to raise my credit score but more importantly how to maintain a good score. I would recommend Lorin and aggressive credit to my friends and family. lorin does great work and professionals from beginning to end.

  299. I was very happy with this service. I was clear that work was being done each month to move my credit to higher ratings. Lorin was great about leaving messages and sending emails to keep me doing my part of sending him the reports. I am happy with where my credit is today and the items that we were able to get removed. Thanks Lorin!

  300. Lorin was very professional and greta to work with. My credit was improved and I was very happy with the results. I would recommend this service to anyone with credit problems.

  301. I just want to say one word for Aggressive Credit Repair Awesome. I took me 8 months to get my credit where it was before. Thanks a million to Lorin Hanks who was very professional and very proactive in all of our communications. If you got bad Credit please do not hesitate to contact them. They will truly help you. Because of Lorin I’m able to get new home loan. Thank you for your great service.

  302. I recently used Aggressive Credit Repair and was very satisfied. Lorin was very professional and very proactive in all of our communications. He had excellent advice to provide us and we always heard back from him immediately after turning in the necessary information. He cares about his clients and that each has a unique situation. I would highly recommend this company for your credit repair needs.


  304. My wife and I are wanting to buy a house, but our credits were either not substantial enough or low scored. Lorin helped us get our scores up to what they need to be, took off old dings and significantly raised our chances for being approved for a home. It was well worth the expense and we are very grateful for Lorin’s help. We highly recommend his services!

  305. We had a great experience working with Lorin. Everything was very professional and he actually put my mind at ease with a few questions I had. We would and have recommended people to his services.


  306. I have had nothing but upstanding service from Aggressive Credit Repair. Lorin goes above and beyond to help. After identity theft and a foreclosure my score is in the 600s after less than a year of working with him. I highly suggest Aggressive Credit Repair.

  307. My wife and I wanted to build our dream home. Only issue holding us back was our credit scores. After hours of research into credit repair companies we stumbled upon Lorin at Aggressive Credit repair. After reading reviews and doing a little more digging I contacted Lorin about his program and what he offers. Still skeptical we singed up and boy am I glad we did. Lorin is great and takes the time to walk you thru the process and is always available to answer any questions. After speaking with Lorin we decided to give it a shot. One of my scores shot up over 100 points in the first two months. We are now Building our Dream home.

    I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to improve those scores.

    Thank you so much Lorin

  308. I had a really tough situation with the state of California- They had put the same lien on me twice, and when I satisfied the lien, they never took the second one off! After hours worth of phone calls, I could not get through the system to have this corrected. I talked with Lorin about my situation, and not only did he get the problem corrected, he was able to get the lien taken off one of the reporting agency’s, which improved my credit score by 50 points!

    Yes I would recommend his service, he was able to help me.


  309. Recently I contacted Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair for help with my credit scores. Very quickly I saw positive results. Lorin was a real bulldog and worked consistently to get my scores up. I was very satisfied with his service. One thing I really liked was the good follow up and how Lorin kept me in the loop during the process. I would recommend Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone.

    July 26, 2012

  310. Lorin and Aggressive Credit repair did everything they said they would do to improve my credit rating. I would reccommend this service to anyone with blemishes on their credit history.

  311. I am thrilled with how much our credit has improved!!! We were able to buy a home!!!! Lorin was very helpful to us , always answered our questions and explained how credit works!!!
    Thanks so much Lorin!

  312. I was very pleased with the way Lorin helped with my credit problems. If you need help with your credit Aggressive Credit Repair is the one to call……………..THANKS Lorin ……

  313. Lorin is strict, but that’s what I needed. I saw instant results. I definitely recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone.

  314. Lorin has been fabulous! He Helped me fix credit problems from not only a divorce, but identity theft, as well. I have and will continue to recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone that needs a “sure-fire” fix to their credit. Thanks Lorin!

  315. I cant say enough to thank Lorin from Agressive Credit Repair. My wife had her identity stollen and it wrecked her credit. Lorin knew exactly what to do. He took my wife’s credit score from bellow 450 to 670 in less than a year. We wouldn’t have been able to buy our house without his help! I will recommend him to everyone!

  316. I would like to thank Lorin for all of his help. With his help we were able to buy the home of our dreams. I would recommend Aggressive credit repair to anyone.

  317. Considering my credit situation (awful) Lorin did a great job in getting old and mistaken records off my credit. Thanks to him I now see a less hectic and messy credit report.

  318. I was really impressed with the promptness of Lorin’s response. Within minutes I was talking to him on the phone. He helped me to save money by not taking it after he determined that I was not a good candidate for his program. I really appreciated his honesty.

  319. Lorin was great

    He was dedicated and followed up with me each time I sent him information. He was able to get several items deleted and was extremely fast and reliable.
    Keep up the good work Lorin and team

  320. I was very pleased with the quick response from Lorin. Several items were deleted in a few short months and I noticed immediate improvement on my score.

  321. I absolutely loved working with Lorin. He is very professional and very prompt. I always heard from him after he received my response letters from the credit bureau’s via e-mail and phone. He always answered ALL my questions, which were many. He gave very useful tips and information. Most of all, our credit score was raised to where we needed it to be. I believe it shot up 80 points or so. I definitely would recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone. I’ve shopped around for a lot of credit repair companies, as well as signed up with them and didn’t see any results. I trust this company. I’m so happy we found them! =)

  322. I had been struggling with my credit for years, I couldn’t get the bad marks off my credit report. I decided to give Aggressive Credit Repair a call, Lorin just asked for a chance to help me improve my credit, I was not disappointed, he cleared the few bad marks i had and educated me on what to do to make sure this does not happen again. Lorin truely helped me get back on track. Thanks again Lorin.

  323. My wife and I have worked with Lorin for the past several months and have been extremly happy with his service. We went from a very poor credit score to building our new home in a matter of just a few months.

    Thanks Lorin for all your help.

  324. Lorin was amazing. He was professional and always answered his phone or returned my calls promptly. He actually helped me with more than just repairing my credit, but in mentoring me through a really hard period of time where I was on the verge of letting it all go and destroying my credit. He counseled me to call my creditors and ask to skip payments which I did and was able to avoid any negative marks on my credit. He was direct but compassionate toward my situation and didn’t ever judge. He helped us get tax liens and medical collections off our credit. When I told him I needed to cancel his service, he was very honest and agreed that he had done all he could to help us and didn’t pressure me into staying in the program. Thank you Lorin!! I have appreciated working with you.

  325. I was very satisfied with Aggressive Credit Repair! Lorin was very helpful and worked hard to have several negative items removed from my credit report. He was always very professional and to the point. Thanks again, Lorin! 🙂

  326. I was a little skepitcal about credit repair companies. Then one of our friends recommended Lorin and his company after the short sale of our home. I have to say that Lorin is very professional and pleasant to work with. He was always on top of all our credit information. He has helped repair our credit immensely. I would recommend him to anyone that is need of credit repair. Thanks Lorin for all that you have done to help us!

  327. I am RARELY this impressed with a company or individual. I was especially frustrated when I was looking for a solid credit fixing service and found only sub-par people and companies UNTIL I found Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair. Lorin did everything he promised and then some. The costs were much lower than expected and the results were far better. He was incredibly proactive and delivered results. I can not recommend him any stronger. I have already recommended him to several friends. Thanks Lorin!

  328. I recently used Aggressive Credit Repair to improve my scores to purchase a home. My rep Lorin was very helpful and was able to remove enough negative items from report that I qualified for my mortgage. I had to end my services before completing the program, however, I plan to complete the program once the loan process is complete.

  329. Aggressive Credit Repair did a great job of improving my credit scores so that my wife and I could get into our first home within only a couple months!

  330. First of all I would like to say that I NEVER thought my credit score would improve! But when I began to work with Lorin he helped me to take my head out of the sand. Knowledge is truly POWER and Lorin instilled in me principals that I will never forget. The empowerment that Aggressive Credit and Lorin Hanks instilled in me priceless. I will recommend this program to everyone I know. Thanks again Lorin, you are a kind, considerable and knowledgeable person as well as a blessing to me.

  331. We highly recommend Lorin Hanks’ service. He is professional, knowledgeable, hard-working, and fair. He was able to help us get our credit up enough to refinance our home, which has improved our financial life tremendously. Thanks, Lorin!

  332. Thanks Lorin for all your hard work. A lot of my negative items were removed and my score has improved. Thanks again.

  333. I had a great experience with aggressive credit repair. Thanks for all your hard work Lorin.

  334. Lorin really worked hard on my reports. I know if you have any problems he will help get things cleared up. My score was very low when we started now I am buying a home. I will be telling all my friends and family about this program. It was worth every penny. Keep up the good work Lorin and stay the way you are. Thanks again. Peace out. Hope I wont need you again, but rest assured if I do You will be my go to guy.

  335. I have sent many of my clients over to Aggressive and after 3-6 months of work done my borrowers were able to finance the home they wanted. Lorin is very knowledgeable in credit repair and works fast to get the reports cleaned up and looking as they should. Thanks Lorin!

  336. Before Aggressive credit My My credit was pretty bad. Lorin helped me improve it and also his knowledge helped me alot. Now my credit score has gone up I bought a new Harley and am presently looking for a house. Thanks Lorin…

  337. Amazing experience. I have referred quite a few friends after seeing 10-40pt jumps every month. Thanks Lorin!

  338. Many thanks to Lorin for all his hard work. Aggressive Credit Repair is amazing, they were able to remove negative items from my credit report , you will never
    dream of as possible. Lorin worked aggressively to make my goal possible. My brother worked with ACR before and was very happy and now i am hooked.

  339. I recently used Aggressive Credit Repair and I was very satisfied with the results.
    my credit scores are higher than ever (798 800 & 812 scores),
    my rep, Lorin was always professional and courteous.
    I would recommend this service to anyone in need.
    he was able to remove negative items which were holding me back from being able to get loans

  340. We looking into purchasing new home, and Lorin was very “aggressive” in improving my credit history. I would highly recommend Lorin to anyone who needs help with improving their credit score

  341. After we file Bankruptcy our credit got hit really bad. Lorin was able to help us improve our credit score and removed a lot of negative accounts. Lorin was always on top of things. He was a great tool for us….I will recommend to have him as your Credit consultant!

  342. Lorin is awesome! He understands the ins and outs of credit, how the credit bureaus work and most importantly how to use that knowledge to improve his clients credit scores. He helped my wife and I remove many negative items and understand what we need to do to build better credit. He is very professional, courteous and is willing to go the extra mile. Very affordable and great to work with. I highly recommend Lorin and Aggressive Credit Repair!

  343. Lorin has helped me out so much with helping build up my credit I thought that I had really good credit which I did but without anything going on with it it was basically zero now it is climbing more and more thanks again Lorin.

  344. I would highly reccomend anyone to aggressive credit. Lorin is very knowledgeable and helped me out a great deal.

  345. I can’t believe the job that Aggressive Credit Repair did for us. As business owners we sometimes fall into bad credit. We’ve now used Lorin’s services twice (I say this holding my head in shame) and each time he was able to boost our credit quickly. I hope to never need the services again but if I do I know where to go.

  346. What can I say about Agressive Credit Repair? Before I signed up I got laughed off of the car lot. I signed up with Lorin and with a lot of work on his end and the little I actually had to do, I left the car lot with exactly what I wanted and the salesman referred to me as Sir! Thanks, ACR!

  347. Aggressive Credit Repair changed my life. After a horrible divorce that destroyed my credit Lorin was able to repair my credit dramatically to where I could buy my very own home! I recommend this to everyone! Who wouldn’t want their credit score higher? Aggressive Credit Repair will change your life!

  348. Lorin and aggressive credit repair raised my credit score 80 points in the first 6 months! I even qualified for a home loan within one year! But the part I love the most is the education I received from Lorin in order to continue improving and maintaining my credit scores myself.

  349. Lorin helped raise my credit scores substantially, he worked to have negative marks removed and helped me learn how to not have those marks on my credit again. He was extremely organized, thorough and friendly during the entire process. He also helped my husband and I fix our credit to buy a home a couple of years back. Thanks to Lorin I have fantastic credit scores, am a homeowner and just got a loan to help our business continue to grow. I would highly suggest Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair to anyone that needs help repairing their credit.

  350. Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair was very organized and fast at fixing my credit repair. I never felt confused or questioned anything about this process because Lorin gave me step by step instructions that were clear and fast. I constantly felt attended to with full information on each step. Lorn is a miracle worker who really cares about his clients! Thanks goes straight to him! I would tell anyone that needs credit repair to use Lorin at Aggressive Credit Repair!

  351. A few years back I used Aggressive Credit Repair and had great results. I had judgements that were taken off completely! I was able to purchase my car after, which was a goal of mine. I recommend this service to everyone!

  352. This is a service that I was very skeptical about whether or not it would really work. After I had no other choice but to have Lorin see what miracles he could work, I was MORE than amazed! I was shocked when my score went up well over 150+ points, I could finally approve for a car loan, and my house! Without him I honestly don’t know where me & my family would be today. I will forever be grateful to Lorin & all that he has done with my credit. I recommend Aggressive Credit Repair to everyone that I talk to now! The best FM ever! Thank You!!

  353. I would like to thank Lorin Hanks and Aggressive Credit Repair for all of the hard work. I was having a difficult time being approved for many different loans before I got involved with Aggressive Credit Repair. Since then, I have become a first time home owner and have had no problem getting the loans that I have applied for. Although my credit scores have exceeded my expectations, I will continue to use the services of Aggressive Credit Repair. From my experience, I would highly recommend contacting Mr. Hanks.

    Thanks for everything!

  354. Aggressive Credit Repair has been a outstanding company to work with repairing and rebuilding my credit. I had several negative marks that needed to be disputed. Working with ACR my negative marks, late payments and even a bankruptcy were removed from my credit report. I was finally able to purchase a home after all the great work that was accomplished.
    I highly recommend using ACR , they are very professional, educational, and get the job done.

  355. Agressive Credit Repair did an amazing job fixing my credit which ultimately raised my credit scores allowing me to get any loan that I wanted. Lorin Hanks my account Rep worked extremely hard getting negative marks, late payments and judgments off my credit and I thank him very much for all the hard work he did for me. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to repair their credit. He was very professional and polite when I talked to him on the phone. Thanks ACR!!!!

  356. My credit was aweful before joining Agressive Credit Repair. After about 6 mo of service and paying off one debt I owed, my scores shot way up and continue to rise, not only as a result of the work done by Aggressive Credit Repair, but also by the education I received of how the credit score works. The customer service I recieved was excellent and will recommend this company to everyone I know.

  357. We recently used Aggressive Credit Repair and were very satisfied with the results. They were able to remove negative items which were holding us back from being able to get loans. Our rep, Lorin was always professional and courteous. I would recommend this service to anyone in need.

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